Geekenstein’s Definitive Commander Drinking Game

Magic the Gathering Drinking Game

Magic: The Gathering made a big deal last year about turning 20 years old. However, I doubt, they will make as big of a deal about their next important birthday (at least to Americans): it’s turning 21. That’s right, our dear MTG is turning 21 this year! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we here at Geekenstein have come up with the definitive EDH (Everyone Drinks Heavily) drinking game rules.

Obligatory Disclaimers: This game is intended only for players of legal drinking age in their country of residence. Do not drink and drive. Do not drink if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or have even ever THOUGHT of becoming pregnant. Drugs are bad, m’kaay?

I’ve separated the rules into four categories. You may choose to add or subtract rules or whole categories as you see fit to keep the game enjoyable. You can download the handy cheat sheet here.

Basic Gameplay


Whenever a player searches his library, he must take one drink to steel himself for the journey.

Whenever a player pays life, sacrifices permanents, or discards cards as an additional cost of one of their spells or permanents, they take a drink to commemorate what was lost.

Whenever a player activates Sensei’s Divining Top, Crystal Ball, or Darksteel Pendant, they must take a drink to aid their decision making skills.

Whenever a player wipes the board, all players take a drink to honor the fallen heroes.

Whenever a spell you control is countered, take a drink.

Whenever a player draws cards that isn’t in their draw step, that player takes a drink.

BONUS Ironman rule: When drawing extra cards, the truly brave will take a drink for each extra card drawn.

On the upkeep of each extra turn, the active player takes a drink for the number of the extra turns he’s taken in a row (ie 1 drink on the first extra turn, 2 on the second, 3 on the third, et cetera) to celebrate their temporal mastery.

The Commanders

Magic the Gathering Drinking GameWhenever a player plays his Commander, all players drink a toast to it.

Whenever a Commander is returned to the command zone from anywhere, its owner drinks farewell to it.

Whenever a Commander is shuffled into its owner’s library, the player who did the shuffling takes a drink and the owner takes two.


mtgcom_arcana_429_pic2_en - CopyWhenever a player loses 10 or more life in a single turn, they take a drink to wash away the pain.

Whenever a player is hit by a Commander for any amount of damage, they take a drink.

Whenever a player is eliminated from the game or scoops, that player downs his drink.

Whenever a player wins the game, he downs his drink.


Magic the Gathering Drinking Game

Whenever a player asks whose turn it is, that player takes a drink.

Whenever a player searches another player’s library, that player pays a toll of one drink.

Whenever one player gives another player life, permanents, or lets them draw cards, both collaborators take a drink.

Whenever a player becomes the new public enemy (everyone gangs up on him to keep him from winning), he takes a drink.

Happy Commanding!

And that’s it! I hope my loyal readers have as much fun playing this slightly more boozy form of Commander as I had creating it. Tell us all about your experiences, and what rules need to be added, removed, or altered, in the comments below! We love to hear from you.