Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift Creator for $2 Billion

Geekenstein Oculus RiftIn a move which sent shock waves throughout the gaming community today, Facebook has purchased the makers of the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality device that has wowed everyone despite still being in its developmental infancy. This means that John Carmack, the legendary developer who transferred over from iD in 2013 to work on the device, now works for Mark Zuckerburg. This news also comes in the wake of Sony announcing its own Playstation VR device, Project Morpheus.

Speculation will surly abound for what Oculus’s focus will be now that is owned not by a gaming company but a social network primarily focused on advertising money. This may also mean some shifting for indie developers who have been working on games for the still unreleased device, as now it’s not a sure thing that the Rift as a gaming peripheral will ever see the light of day. Perhaps it was naieve of the gaming community to think of “VR” as its own thing, and now Facebook has made it crystal clear that virtual reality is going to be big in the very near future.

UPDATE: In a post on Reddit, Oculus Palmer Luckey has attempted to calm fears about where his company is now headed. Both his post and the comments below from die-hard fans are an interesting read and indicative of where the conversation around VR in general is now going.