Fantasy Flight announces XCOM: The Board Game


Fantasy Flight Games, makers of such licensed properties as the Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica and Gears of War board games, as well as one of my personal favorites, Arkham Horror, have announced their latest game, XCOM: The Board Game. Compared to the other licensed properties listed here, XCOM sure makes a lot more sense as a board game when you consider that it is a turn-based strategy game, not a third-person shooter (that’s right Gears of War, I don’t care how decent I hear your board game is, it’s still super weird that you have one).

We here at Geekenstein love us some XCOM, so hearing that the fantastic minds at Fantasy Flight are going to be turning the property into a board game is wonderful news. The board game will tie into a mandatory app on either a phone, tablet or PC, which will randomize the elements of the alien invasion you are trying to fight against. While there may not be the battle phases of XCOM in the board game, crafting an entire game around the research, management and placement strategies of XCOM sounds like an ideal trade off. You can bet we’ll be playing this as soon as it comes to market.