Free Black Mesa: Source Soundtrack

Black Mesa: Source

What are you doing when you aren’t playing Black Mesa: Source? Playing Magic of the Secret Crystals and listening to Justin Beiber? Instead of smacking some sense into you, I’m going to offer you a less violent alternative to correct your wrongs.

Joel Nielsen, the man responsible for the soundtrack of the Half-Life remake, Black Mesa: Source, has released the official soundtrack for free. That’s right, free!

Nielsen gives us insight into how he managed to create such a truly wonderful audio experience that is strange, unique and rivals the work of Valve.

I had no prior experience composing soundtracks. Creating the sound effects was a challenge all on its own, but the music was a far greater task than I initially anticipated. Luckily for me, the lengthy development cycle gave me time to learn and experiment with a lot of different ideas.

See, children, sometimes a lengthy development cycle can be worth it. It’s safe to assume that Half-Life 3 will have some rockin’ tunes when it’s released just in time for our great-grandchildren’s 14th birthday.

You can download the full soundtrack of 30 songs here. You have the option to pay Joel Nielsen if you feel his music is worth supporting. You and I both know it is worth at least $3, so throw your money at him. He deserves it.