Frog Fractions Review

frog fractions

Frog Fractions is a game where you learn fractions. What’s that? Interest not even piqued in the slightest? Fine then.

You see, Frog Fractions hides something unique, something not seen often enough by this player’s experience- absolute, outright insanity. The puzzle here, as someone who has played this game extensively, is to not give away any of the game’s oddities that lie hidden beneath the surface. You’re meant to look at this game, notice that it has been getting so much praise, point the skies and ask “Why?” It’s a simple game for simple people that teaches you fractions. That’s it. Also, don’t forget to collect Zorkmids.

“Wait,” you say, “what did you say at the end there?” Easy enough, just look at the top of the game’s screen and you see your score (in fractions, appropriately enough), Fruits and Zorkmids. What are the Zorkmids for? Play the game. Why is the score in fractions? Because it can be, I say. You’ll have more questions than answers going into this…thing… than you realize.

frog fractions wave 1

And then you finish one level. And hey, you get…what’s that? An upgrade menu. And then, out of your mouth come the words “What the hell” as you mouse over each and every upgrade, as you would naturally out of curiousity. “Is that Lock On Targeting? I want that one! Oh, I can’t afford it yet. Alright, how about a turtle? A dragon?!? A Work Visa?!?!? What is this game?”

Once you ask that question to yourself, you are in. You’re hooked. Your interest is peaked, you can’t look away, you can’t help but explore. How far down does the rabbithole go? What’s this warp drive about? Can I go down at all? Where’d my sanity go? Anybody?

You’re in for one of the most exciting, confusing, exhilirating, and downright excellently crafted indie games i’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, whether flash or commercial release. The only thing that shocks me is that a game like this hasn’t been made sooner.

That is, the only thing that shocked me after I beat it a few times. I should warn you that there’s a possible NSFW credits sequence at the end, so you may want to wait until you’re with a group of friends to play this one. Oh, there’s another point! This game is good when experienced alone, but it’s great when a group of friends are watching you play, and inputting their own confusion.

Frog Fractions is a game where you learn fractions, eat bugs, collect fruit, attain zorkmids, avoid indignity, and learn fractions. I promise.

The game can be played, nay, experienced, here on Twinbeard Studios’ site.

[Submitted by contributor Frank Falcone]