Games You’ve Never Heard Of: Idolm@ster


The Idolm@ster game for Xbox 360, PSP and the arcade. So I’m going to half-ass explain what this game is to all you bastards. Basically, it’s Tamagotchi, but you play as a producer who works for a production studio and you have to help prospective pop idols make it big. This game is very Japanese and is predominantly played by men. These games also have never been released in the United States, which I hate, because who are they to say what we’ll buy? It’s like those assholes at Nintendo of America saying that no one would play Fatal Frame on the Wii! I’d buy it on day one!


Anyway, in Idolm@ster you play as a dude who has to take care of the various girls and try to help them become Idols in Japan. Idols, by the way, are a big deal in Japan. I think they are usually singers who perform dance moves and such, but they can be voice actors too. Which is another thing, voice acting over here? Nobody gives a shit, but voice actors over in Japan? They’re a big deal! Which is awesome.

Yeah, anyway, one cool thing about this game is that the decisions you make will mold the personality of the producer, from being protective and kind to perverted and awesome.


There is like a ton of shit involved with these games too. The entire game is scripted, like watching a movie, but depending on the answers you give and the actions you take, will weigh on the end results and how well you and the girls do.


Apparently you can touch the girls too, inappropriately even.

In this scene though I am told that she wants you to pretend to be a pervert so she can practice fighting off real perverts. Japan.

The girls range in personalities, looks and ages. Ages anywhere from 13 to 20. I have to admit the girls are pretty damn cute.


And then there are auditions you have where you dress up the girls in like 1000 different costumes and there are always more because of DLC.

This game is a huge deal in Japan apparently, they have huge conventions and live concerts with the singers and voice actresses.


Look at all that shit. Nothing will ever be as popular here as anything that is popular in Japan.


[Written by contributor Matt Papayanopolus]