GameStop Offers Condoms as inFamous: Second Son Pre-Order Bonus

second son condoms

While most of us are looking forward to our replica Delsin Rowe beanies and badges that will never be used as part of our inFamous: Second Son pre-order bonuses, a GameStop in Italy seems to think that they can give the customer more bang for their buck. Cue collective eye-roll.

Offering inFamous branded glow-in-the-dark condoms and two cans of Red Bull, the advertisement accompanying the pre-order reads: “A fill of energy for an explosion of pleasure!”

I could maybe understand the cans of Red Bull as a sort of “tip-of-the-hat” to the in-game powers, but they’re not even themed for the game’s release. I’m honestly drawing a blank as to why this is happening, but let’s just hope that inFamous: Second Son does not include any phosphorescent phalluses.

inFamous: Second Son is due to release March 21 2014, exclusive to Playstation 4.

[Written by Contributor Neil Scanlon]