Geekenstein Bundle Roundup: 11/5/2013

Joker-BurningNo longer weekly, but still determined to make you burn your money in a huge pile, it’s the Geekenstein Bundle Roundup! This is your home for cheap games, bundle analysis, and indie giveaways! This week, The Joker is burning this money because now everyone and their grandmother will be getting to play as The Batman. It’s been a little while since the last check-in, so its time to visit all the usual suspects and see what games they’re discounting. Join me, won’t you?


All Games on Steam

For $1:

For ~$4:


  • Both Batman games and Scribblenauts have trading cards.
  • Ends 11/19

In Humble’s continual evolution from indie game provider to AAA marketing tool, we have the Humble WB Bundle, a collection of game focused around the previous Batman games to coincide with Arkham Origins‘ recent release. However, chances are you’ve already played these highly successful releases before, so I’d like to put the spotlight on War in the North, and excellent Action RPG that has been criminally overlooked since its release a couple of years ago. For $1, there is no reason why you shouldn’t partake in a bit of swords and sorcery fun in Middle Earth, so go rediscover this forgotten gem!



All Games On Steam

For $1:

For $6:


  • Ends 11/7
  • Worms Revolution and Superfrog HD have Trading Cards.
  • This bundle doesn’t include Steam keys, but instead links directly to your Steam account. More info here.

I can make a safe assumption that EVERYONE has played Worms at some point in their lives, and even if you haven’t, you’ve played something similar like Pocket Tanks. The game is a fun diversion that has somehow evolved into one of the most prolific franchises around, and Humble is giving you the chance to start your insane quest to have them all. It’s worth noting that only Revolution and Armageddon are the traditional 2D games you think of when you think of Worms, while Ultimate Mayhem is one of the 3D incarnations. The rest are older spinoffs that have much better alternatives on the marketplace. Also included are the Alien Breed games and Superfrog HD, which are not particularly notable comparatively, but they serves as nice bonuses.



The Majestic Indie Bundle

All Games on Steam

For $4:


  • Ends 12/2

BundleStars delivers again with a strange mix of titles, although a lot of them are outdated fare that may not mean much to anyone but insane collectors like me. Crusader Kings has been outclassed by its cult classic sequel, Rune and Enclave are both relics from a previous age of action games, and Forge is a dead on arrival multiplayer focused arena game. Still, Majesty 2 usually goes for $20 on its own, so if you’re even remotely interested in that, this is the time to pick it up.


That’s it for this update. Light times as far as Bundles go, but we are in the thick of it as far as new game releases go, so that might explain it. Developers might be assuming that everyone is saving up for new hardware, but that won’t last long, and holiday bundles and Steam sales will be with us soon. This time around, in keeping with the theme of AAA bundles, you get a chance to win a copy of Dead Space, so click that and enter, and we’ll see you next time.