Gemini Rue Review

Gemini Rue

Point and click adventure games have long held a special place in my heart. They fell a bit off my radar in the PS2 and early Xbox 360 era until the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island brought me back to the genre I love. It wasn’t until Gemini Rue that I realized other developers besides Telltale were keeping the genre alive. Not only was Gemini Rue a return to the sprite art games of yesteryear, but it pushed the genre in ways I had never seen before. Wadjet Eye knew that has something special and now they’re letting me experience it all over again, this time on iOS.

Gemini Rue does something that I’m not familiar with in adventure games, combat. Not only is there combat, but it is a cover based shooting system on a two dimensional plane that somehow not only worked when it released on PC, but works well on iOS as well. When you enter a combat scenario, your character automatically takes cover and you must hit a button to move out and another to fire. You can fire without aiming at the mercy of your ammo count or aim for a headshot, which has to be timed correctly and before the enemy goes back into cover and reset your aim meter. It is a surprisingly simple system in practice that fits within the game’s system without betraying its’ nature as a traditional point and click adventure game.

Gemini Rue

The utmost care has been taken to transition this game to a touch based platform. On the surface, point and click adventure games seem like an easy choice for mobile, but stopping to remember the pixel hunts of old bring about the realization that there has to be some substantial changes to make even the more user friendly modern releases work on the platform. Wadjet has tested and tested to make sure that hotspots are easily accessible both on the iPad and iPhone. I never had any trouble clicking where I wanted to go.

Immersing myself back into the world of Gemini Rue is half the fun of the new release. The clear inspiration from Cowboy Bebop with a grimy Blade Runner shine over it makes for a fascinating world to explore. hTere is a clear artist’s hand in every aspect of the game. This isn’t a game made by committee, it’s the loving child of a single artist mind and that leads to some of the most interesting games on the market. Gemini Rue earned its place when it released in 2011 and this port only continues to proe tvhat.

If you’ve somehow missed the original release and critical outpour for Gemini Rue, an iOS device is a fantastic way to experience it. Out of all the touch based ports I’ve seen for games like this, Gemini Rue is one of the best. There was clear effort to deliver an identical package with different controls and it results in an incredibly smooth gameplay experience with the ability to save anywhere, which is a must for modern portable titles. Point and click adventure games have returned in all aspects of the market and it is glorious.

Rating Banner 5