Girl Walk//All Day Review

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Every once in awhile you get a film so different, so unique, that even if you’re usually opposed to the elements that construct it, the sheer excellence it displays overcomes all of that and enraptures you. Until I saw Pulp Fiction I had no desire to see something with a nonlinear narrative, unconventionally long dialog scenes and excessive violence, but I loved that movie. It’s for these types of movies that we have to put our preconceived notions aside and let them unleash everything they have.

Girl Walk//All Day is a feature length dance music video set to Girl Talk’s All Day album. It is directed by Jacob Krupnick, was produced by Wild Combination and stars Anne Marsen, Daisuke Omiya and John Doyle. It is the first film I’ve ever seen that was Kickstarted, which really helps quell all the nagging doubts about the service. It’s also available completely free of charge and advertisements on the official website.

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Before I saw Girl Walk//All Day I was not a fan of Girl Talk. I’m not sure if it was because I just didn’t care for the few songs I had heard or I was just being obstinate. Gregg Gillis is a mash-up artist that goes by the stage name Girl Talk. When you hear mash-up, you think of someone taking a couple songs and mixing them together, usually two, but Girl Talk mixes dozens into a completely new song. Girl Talk strums that particular part of my brain where my love of Pogo resides.

The film itself is beautiful. It tells the tale of The Girl (Marsen), The Gentleman (Omiya) and The Creep (Doyle) as they interact with each other and the citizens of New York City. Just the fact that they managed to shoot this entire movie guerilla style in New York is impressive, but to see the final product is absolutely mind blowing. A few of the places they show up at, pertaining more to when the film was shot, were completely unexpected. Even the dancing itself is a mash-up of classical and modern styles. Marsen, Omiya and Doyle are all talented individuals and their raw talent shines.

There is a narrative arc to Girl Walk//All Day and it was deeper than I expected. This is the story of a girl who wants to bring joy to the Big Apple through dance. Conveying it without any dialog is an accomplishment the team should be proud of. Just as in any other movie, I found myself wanting to know what happens next. Just because this is a feature length music video doesn’t mean it can’t tell a story.

If you had told me that a film that contains less than five lines of dialog, is set to Girl Talk and is all dancing would be one of my favorite films of 2012, I would have laughed in your face. Girl Walk//All Day is one of the most creative films I have ever seen. I find myself drawn back to it over and over again. It’s not just because of the music either, when I listen to the album I picture the scenes in my head and I want to watch them again. This is one of the best experiences of the year, if not all time, and I highly encourage you to see it for yourself.

Rating Banner 5

In Theaters: Available now on their website
Runtime: 74 minutes (split between 12 chapters)
Rating: Not Rated by the MPAA
Director: Jacob Krupnick
Cast: Anne Marsen, Daisuke Omiya, John Doyle
Genre:  Dance Music Video
Distributor: Wild Combination
Official Site: