Girls “Bad Friend” Review

Spoilers for Girls below
Spoilers for Girls below

Girls with Magical Comfort Zones

Hannah scores a sweet gig as a freelance writer making big bucks for each feature article published. There’s only one catch: the content must be outrageous. Cocaine experiences, Craigslist threesomes, etc. She opts for the coke and is left with challenge of actually find some—enough—for her night of debauchery. Good luck, coke virgin!

While Hannah’s busy trying to score the good stuff from her downstairs neighbor, Laird (Jon Glaser), Marnie is busy pretending to be comfortable as a hostess at a rich guys’ club. While pretending to give two shits about the old geezer flirting with her; she spots “smidge of an artist” Booth Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) who instantly wants to sex her up.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Elijah are holed up in the apartment, and girlfriend definitely scored the Peruvian flake. I love the symbolism of this scene, particularly when Elijah convinces her to “leave her mark in a really big way.” I did something similar one day and can vouch for its positive effects on one’s psyche. If you ever need to just see the big picture of your life, and want to just get it all out from inside, just go crazy on your walls with a marker in your hand.

In an instant, Marnie has gone from infatuated to in love with Booth after discovering what a real and genuine talent he is in the world of interpretive art. It’s the exact type of lesson people in their 20’s inevitably learn at least once in their lifetime. The moment when a concept becomes a reality because you finally meet someone who is a subject matter expert.

Girls Bad Friend

Hannah finds herself venturing out into the underbelly of the city, at a private rage filled with glow sticks and emo kids with that thousand-yard eXstacy stare. For my money it looked like she was also learning one of life’s hard lessons. Mainly, friends are shits sometimes and will really let you down at times, and writing while coked out of your brain is impossible to do.

The part about friends doing lousy things has everything to do with a coked-up Elijah spilling the beans about knocking boots with Marnie. Hannah, as expected when she’s feigning she’s a young woman of high standards, reacts poorly to the news primarily out of vanity and little else. She wanted to be the last vajay-jay Elijah experienced and she’s really ticked off that little note in history has been crumpled and tossed into the trash bin.

She also learns that sometimes the person you are certain is one way, let’s say a junkie drug addict who lives in the apartment below you, isn’t that at all and sometimes rides to the rescue on his white horse, etc.

By the time the end credits rolled, which felt like happened about five minutes after this fast-paced, exciting episode started, Hannah and Marnie had harsh words with each other but are still, magically, friends. Hannah tells Elijah he has to move out and he finds the idea preposterous. Hannah and Laird swap spit outside the door to his apartment, but just for tonight, which is so Hannah.

The tagline for Season 2 of Girls is “almost getting it kind of together” but Sunday night’s episode should have been titled, “Girls who completely and totally do NOT have it together.”

Rating Banner 4-5

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner.]