Girls “Boys” Review

Spoilers for Girls below
Spoilers for Girls below

I was hopeful the dreamy, hunky Patrick Wilson was going to make his second appearance on Girls , but not such luck. Sigh …

Right out of the gate, however, Hannah has an offer to write an eBook. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, except it’s due like yesterday. Okay, well, in a month, but is there any real difference?  Here comes the writer’s block, the false starts that lead to real stops, the ill-conceived ideas that fizzle and the sleepless nights that always come with blown deadlines.

Okay, she could do really well, right? Except this is Hannah, and we know she’s going to turn this into some torturous, medieval injury thing that will have the rest of the girls wondering if all her drama is worth it or not.

After last week’s hiatus of the rest of the cast, Marnie made an appearance in bed with Booth Jonathan (Jorma Taccone). The scene is hilarious. They’re quite naked in bed when Booth’s executive assistant, Sooj (Greta Lee) barges in to give him the rundown of his day, what she’s done for him, how she’s stocked his fridge, etc. You know, just normal post-coitus chit chat with an employee.

He then proceeds to read her the riot act over eating a small scoop of his rosewater ice cream. To be fair, she did open his freshly purchased pint of something that sounds like it came from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, but she does do all his shopping and other menial tasks. It’s a fine line I guess between being the hired help and being a friend. Maybe Marnie gave him some angry sex and he was all riled up, but he was definitely not feeling the whole friend vibe, particularly when he was firing her. Yikes, right?

Perhaps I’m just indulging my imagination here, but after firing Sooj he immediately asks Marnie if she’ll host his party that night. I think he wants Marnie to work for sex instead of dollars like regular hookers do, and if that’s the case then I hope she kicks him in his junk. I mean when she finally figures out what I think he might be doing to her. Booth is a dick. This isn’t a reach.

Then comes a total flashback to Amy Adams’ character, Ashley, in the touching “Junebug.” This happened when the very next scene begins with Shoshanna—good ol’ Shoshanna—talking 100 miles per hour to Ray. I actually had to watch the beginning of the scene three times to even figure out what she was going on about.

I missed her last week. She’s such a breath of fresh air. I honestly hope Girls launches a brilliant career for Zosia Mamet. Lord knows she has it in her DNA to be awesome, and so far she’s been nothing but. I think I have a little crush on her (blush).

Girls Boys

She wants her Ray, the un-ambitions Ray, to attend an entrepreneur seminar hosted by Donald Trump because she thinks he should want to be the proprietor of his own coffee shop some day. Wanna know the first clue that she doesn’t understand slackers like Ray? She talks 100 miles per hour.

It was awesome to see Adam (Adam Sackler) back after Hannah kicked him to the curb and caused him to go to jail. I love Sackler as an actor. He’s so real and in the moment all the time. He’s like a little kid who’s only go two speeds, stop and go.

Come to find out he’s stolen a very hyper dog from a man with a large, bald head. Ray went to see him to retrieve a book and manage to get wrangled into a scheme to take the dog back to the owner who lives on Staten Island. They take the ferry and have a totally cool “guy” conversation, which had a lot to do with honesty, and sex, and honest sex, etc. You get the picture. Mainly, two manly men returning a stolen dog, together, on a ferry to Staten Island.

Gag. Could you imagine how bad this show would be if it was called Guys and featured the antics of Ray and Adam? In three words, no thank you. You go, Girls!

Anyway, back to Hannah. I won’t break my arm patting myself on the back, but right out of the gate Hannah has writer’s block and keeps starting and stopping because she has no idea what she’s going to write. Been there, done that. It’s the nature of writing. In fact, it’s no small miracle we have as many books and stories to read as we do.

But there’s no surer bet than Jessa opening her mouth and ruining someone’s day. Never tell a budding author what they’re writing doesn’t matter. She’s truly a shit when she wants to be.

Hannah reaches out to Marnie at Booth’s party, but Marnie—as can happen sometimes—is busy reveling being a hostess and only superficially being there for Hannah. In the blink of an eye, however, it was Hannah who had to be there for Marnie, if, in fact, she had been there.

Marnie figured out Booth’s gig, and yes, he was using her and paying her with sex. She felt like a tool for not seeing what was going on and bailed from the party to track down Hannah, who’s now home on her bed in pajamas.

In the end, they both tell each other terrible lies, each knowing full well the other is lying—and hurting—but can’t find the courage, either of them, to swallow their pride and become close friends again.

With or without Patrick Wilson, this was a great episode. The sophomore season of Girls has been one of pain and growing up for the girls. The writing is a bit savvier and creates the hope the show has a nice, long run on HBO.

Rating Banner 4-5

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner]