Girls “I Get Ideas” Review

Spoilers for Girls below
Spoilers for Girls below

The only thing better than girls, is girls with ideas. See, girls who are smarter than boys, tend to have sane ideas, grounded in reality, and with a little work eminently doable.

So, right out of the gate we get to see Hannah in a leopard leotard doing some sort of aerobic workout. Honestly, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Not that I mind her naked at all, but the fake “getting into shape” is just so not her. Blah…it was nauseating. That idea, by the way, was a bad one.

Elijah comes clean with his older lover, George, about knocking boots with Marnie, and George is, um, less than understanding about the whole thing. I think he has every right to be pissed off, even bitchy like he was. After all, Elijah is a gay man; what business does he have making weird love to a young woman?!

It’s good to see sexy Shoshanna back in bed with Ray. She tried to play it all off at first as though he was just her ex-lover and nothing else, but it was clear she was bucking for some, well, more bucking, in bed, if ya know what it mean.

I was also thrilled to finally feast my eyes on the always-awesome Jessa. She looked fab, and her post-baby bod is amazing. She’s busy painting a portrait of Thomas-John, and we discover the two of them now have matching tiger tattoos on their arms. She is so impetuous. I love the spark she brings to the show.

Girls I Get Ideas

I really felt for Hannah when I found out she’d given Sandy a copy of an essay she’d written and was seeking his input. A note to anyone trying to keep their sanity and protect their feelings: never, ever, under any circumstances, give anything you’ve written to a friend. You’ll either get a bullshit response or a truth that could spell the end of your budding writing career.

Sandy’s feedback was honest and brutal and it forced Hannah to pretend she wasn’t hurt about the whole thing. She even went so far as to tell him she was glad he hated it, which is the biggest cop out in the world. Were you wondering if their mood and friendship was suddenly heading south? It did, in a New York minute, to be exact.

Their conversation devolved into a preposterous discussion of race, and it just kept getting worse and worse until it was finally time to leave before someone got killed at the hands of a very pissed-off lover. This is either the end of Sandy and Hannah, and possibly the re-birth of Hannah and Adam, or it’s a foray into more sweaty sex between them. Stay tuned.

Adam is clearly stalking Hannah, and shows up inside her apartment just as she’s going to sleep. He didn’t break-in, per se, but instead used the key Hannah had given him a while back. He was only there to talk, but was also there to keep himself relevant to her, but she’s having no part of it.

I like Adam, but I’m glad Hannah was getting very forceful with him by demanding he leave her apartment, NOW! She needs to stand up for herself, which I think we all agree with, but when I discovered she’d dialed 911—the po-po showing up was a dead giveaway—I really felt like she crossed the line. Adam is harmless, which was never more evident than when the cops were hauling him away in cuffs.

And so another episode of Girls ends with a cliffhanger. The girls did have some ideas, but only Marnie’s was really worth a damn. She got a job as a hostess in a snooty club and expects it to result in some big money.

It was a fun episode despite its surprisingly little nudity and sex. For some reason I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ll noodle on it for a day or two. More next week!

Rating Banner 4

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner.]