Girls “It’s a Shame About Ray” Review

Spoilers for Girls below
Spoilers for Girls below

Poor Elijah. Confused about his sexuality, and in a moment of weakness with Marnie, he winds up getting booted out of his living arrangement.

And these dinner parties are almost always made even weirder when that one person is invited. That one person who is maybe just on the fringe of the core group of friends, or that one person who just had a major blowout with someone in the core group and has subsequently been the subject of many rumors, most of which are far worse than the thing that happened.

Enter Marnie, literally, through the front door as Hannah and a couple of friends, Charlie (Christopher Abbott) and Audrey (Audrey Gelman), are making early preparations for the rest of the peeps to show up; awkward. And, as happens far too often, Hannah is all, “this bitch has got to go” behind Marnie’s back, but to her face “I insist that you stay.” And it’s a good thing. Otherwise, we’d never have learned that “butthole” is Marnie’s trigger word, as in it triggers her retching mechanism!

As expected, the dinner party fell to pieces as the drinks were poured; and misplaced courage wrapped itself in poorly chosen words. But none of this happened before Shoshanna and Ray show up plenty late. Ever have one of those friends who couldn’t lie to save their life? Shoshanna is that person in this context. Ray spills the beans that sex is the reason they were late.

Speaking of Shoshanna, she has an epiphany about her relationship with Ray: he’s living with her. Not unusual for a couple, right? Well, it was more the discovery that he’s homeless that was the epiphany. She’s 20, he’s 30, and if it’s at all possible that Shoshanna is more put together than anyone on the planet, then Ray is a notch below her on the upwardly-mobile social ladder.

Girls Its a Shame About Ray

It was really nice to finally have an episode in which Jessa (Jemima Kirke) did something more than just pass through the sets as they were filming. Kirke is such a good actress. I’m glad it didn’t take too may episodes to get her back in front of the camera. It is her attitude that brings a brutally honest element to this show.

Anyway, she finally meets Thomas-John’s (Chris O’Dowd) parents, Griffin Dunne and Deborah Rush, who are both terrific by the way, and, well, let’s just say you really have to be in love with Jessa to want to bring her to meet your parents, whom you chose not to invite to your wedding. She can be a handful, as she proved by openly speaking about her heroin addiction and her atheism.

The meeting with the parents went so well that, upon arriving at home, Thomas-John asks Jessa how much it will cost him to get rid of her. Honestly, he’s a fool. Jessa is a one-of-a-kind.

In the end, what episode of Girls would be complete if it didn’t include Hannah and Jessa, naked together in the bathtub? It’s not as sexy—or even sexual—as it sounds. They’re both just washing away their pain, some of it real, some of it feigned.

A really good episode, if you’re into the angst so prevalent among 20-something single girls living in New York City and Jemima Kirke chewing up the scenery.

Rating Banner 4-5

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner.]