Girls Like Robots Interview with Ziba Scott

The Indie scene has been expanding further and further in the past few years and attracting more attention by both gamers and companies alike. While most still start in the gloomy depths of some guy’s basement and work their way up, some are snatched up early by organisations interested in the game’s potential. This allows the title to expand both its audience and all around budget and symbiotically aid the industry with revenue. One such title, Girls Like Robots, has been granted such an honor and has since gone from free indie showcases, to commercial booths at PAX. Now backed by Adult Swim, Girls Like Robots has had ads and commercials all over television and the internet and the power to expand their once modest puzzler.

Girls Like Robots is a simple concept of block placing puzzles painted with a brush of pure charm and driven by a score made of pep. Each block has its own personality and will prefer to be placed near certain other blocks. Adversely  they will wish to stay away from some. It’s up to you to fill the grid while pleasing everyone involved as much as possible. Though elementary in its execution, the aforementioned charm and pep is what allows the title to stand out.

Artist Luigi Guatieri brings life to each block and background with an array of color in a beautiful painted style that still holds a distinct, cartoony feel. Ziba Scott, the head of just about everything else, draws you in with a storyline of absurd humor and addictive gameplay. The marriage of these elements is a perfect showcase as to why a company like Adult Swim would fund it.

I recently sat down with Ziba Scott to discuss how the game has been coming along and how Adult Swim’s help has expanded the overall quality of the title. To check out Random Assault’s initial meeting with Ziba and Luigi at the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2012, check out our Minor Assault to see how far it’s come and what a difference six months and an increase to funds can do.