Girls “On All Fours” Review

Girls On All Fours

I just want to say I’m happy when Adam is on Girls. He’s an interesting character, a terrific actor, and brings a lot of tension to the show. He’s also got a new girlfriend, Natalia (Shiri Appleby) who is really cute but seems to be out of his league, um, how should we say it, emotionally speaking. What I’m trying to say, is she’s not a masochist in any sense of the word. This could turn out poorly for the both of them.

Hannah is still counting to eight, which I believe has everything to do with her book deal. Not that it’s due in 30 days, but rather that she’s got a book deal at all; that’s the seminal moment for any writer. Lots of people are going to finally see all those words, and that can take some very thick skin, both inside and outside.

Soshanna is busy taking care of Ray; and I mean busy. She’s like a bee buzzing around the apartment making sure his every need is met. It’s kind of driving Ray crazy, and to be honest it should. Whenever Shosh exhibits that high-level of nervous energy, it means something’s on her mind and not in a good way.

Remember Charlie, his 11 employees, corner office, new company, and lots of money? Do you think there’s any chance Marnie has forgotten about him? No way! She’s like a bitch in heat where he’s concerned, which is why she was so mad at him for completely forgetting about their lunch date.

Girls On All Fours

Charlie is the big man on campus now, with lots of young, hot women around him every minute of his day. Marnie senses this but is really in no position to say anything about it to him. She just gleefully accepts his invite to a company party that night, expecting to have a great time.

God knows I love Marnie, but why she’s playing this “I need a rich man” game is beyond me. She’s smart, she can make her own way in the world, and I wish she would. As it stands right now, she’s rudderless and that’s a bad habit in which to fall. It can lead to all sorts of poor choices, and before you know it you’re gold-digging in retirement communities. Aim higher, Marnie; so much higher.

Hannah does something really silly and potentially very dangerous. With a Q-tip in her ear, she decides then would be a good time to count to eight several times in a row, like eight times in a row. Of course she stabs her eardrum and has to go to the emergency room. However, it’s not her ear I want to mention, it’s the ER doctor and his shitty bedside manner.

It’s got to be really stressful to be an ER doctor, but here’s a young woman who’s clearly having problems beyond the broken Q-tip inside her ear, and the older, male doctor was just being a complete douche to her: Short, curt words, ill-tempered personality, and nothing by way of good advice. There was not one bit of pleasantness about him. A truly dreadful experience for Hannah, and as a viewer and simpatico, I felt every rude moment of her ordeal.

The gathering of hipsters, also known as Charlie’s party, yielded the best line of the episode. It goes something like this:

“Oh my god, you look amazing,” said Shosh to Charlie. “Like you could have sex with any woman here, including me.”

Girls On All Fours

Isn’t she awesome? Not only does she get some of the choicest lines written for her, she pulls them off with the professionalism of any actress twice her age and experience. I really love Zosia Mamet, which I’ve mentioned about a dozen times before, but I really mean it. She steals every scene she’s in.

Hannah runs into Adam on her way back from the hospital, and isn’t too thrilled to hear he’s at a party with her girlfriend, who’s girlfriend just got engaged. She hated to look through the window of the bar and see Adam and Natalia dancing, drinking, and having a damned good time.

Back to the hipsters: Marnie decides there’s no better time to sing her new “I wanna catch Charlie” song than at his party. It goes over like a dirty diaper at a perfume convention, at least in public. In private, however, Charlie can’t wait to do all kinds of sexual things to her on his desk, near his desk, around his desk; in his office, the one with the desk.

Speaking of sex, Natalia gets the full dose of Adam and, well, it’s just too much for her. Not saying Hannah lacks all self-respect, but she’s a little more willing to let men—Adam—treat her like an amusement park ride. It was bound to happen, right? I think it was Adam taking out his “I miss Hannah” aggression on a poor, unsuspecting young woman.

The final scene features Hannah with a guess-what in her hand? That’s right, a Q-tip that she promptly jams into her other ear—her good ear! What the hell, Hannah? Seriously, what the hell?

This episode was a mish-mash of disjointed scenes where nothing was resolved. In fact, every scene was a setup for a future episode, which par for the course for a series that will air the final episode of season two next week.

I did like this episode. It was messy, a little embarrassing, and a lot revealing. Just what Girls should be.

Rating Banner 4-5

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner]