Girls “One Man’s Trash” Review

Spoilers for Girls below
Spoilers for Girls below

Hannah is fairly certain she’s invented a new word: sexit. Ray thinks it has something to do with leaving while you’re in the middle of having sex, but Hannah—at least in this instance—isn’t quite as crass or obvious.

For Hannah “sexit” means to leave a party, gathering, dinner, or some other event for the purpose of having sex. Well, she is a horny 20-something who, like her male counterparts, probably thinks about sex every seven seconds or so.

“Use it in a sentence,” demands Ray.

“Ray, wanna leave this bar? It’s lame but our vibe is one. Let’s just make a quick sexit,” she replies without missing a beat.

It’s clear she’s been thinking about this for some time now.

Anyway, that’s how the new episode of Girls started. It got better, in fact, it got a lot better. How much better? Two words: Patrick Wilson.

Enter Patrick Wilson as Joshua, neighborhood resident: Super pissed off at Ray because someone from the coffee shop has been dumping the shop’s garbage in his private dumpster a couple of houses down the road. Ray, of course, treats him like he’s the problem while Hannah looks on wondering if she should serve him coffee or, possibly, make a quick sexit with him.

One Man's Trash

Glad that Hannah took a stand about Ray’s behavior. In fact, she uttered the exact words I was thinking as I was watching it: toxic workplace. And, just like she’s done so many times before, she leaps before looking. Hannah bails from her job—just like that—and Ray’s left holding the bag.

And all this before the opening credits, whew!

Of course Hanna can smell blood, or testosterone, right? She marches out of the coffee shop shooting eye-daggers at Ray, and heads right over to the brownstone where Joshua, a 42-year-old doctor, lives and rings his doorbell. Before we know it, she’s already inside his magnificent home enjoying a glass of lemonade.

I really loved the “Ted Bundy” gag Hannah pulled on his front porch, but even more entertaining  was listening to her describe how placing garbage in other people’s garbage cans is like a vice for her. Like it’s some compulsion she can’t stop. Joshua, with those dreamy blue eyes, maintains this bewildered look all while she’s explaining how messed up she really is. The scene was one of the best of the entire series so far.

After explaining her absurd life to Joshua, Hannah does what comes naturally: she plants a kiss—uninvited—on his mouth. One thing leads to another and in fairly short order they’re knocking boots in bed.

I especially love the professional touch of inviting Hannah to stay for steaks on the barbie. The well-heeled doctor clearly knows how to live and Hannah is all wet and giddy that he’s who she just had sex with.

Joshua (NOT Josh) invites her to stay. In fact, at her insistence, begs her. She’s a tad blown away by this until she sees the size of his bathtub, which might have its own guesthouse. After fainting in the shower (she turned up the steam too high), she suddenly felt the need to vomit all her insanity at him, divulging some very personal things; the kinds of things that will be trivia questions about Girls in a few years.

One Man's Trash

I got the feeling just from looking at Joshua that he felt like he’d just been hit by a Mack truck. Hannah can be like that, and because she doesn’t come with an owner’s manual it was impossible for Joshua to know what a handful she can be. I truly felt for him.

Believe it or not this episode was a breath of fresh air. As much as I like Hannah and the rest of the girls, the manic pace of the 20-something relationships was taxing for me. Joshua really knows how to make a girl feel special, and aside from the fact that it’s time for a grownup relationship on the show, it was high time Hannah had someone treat her like something other than a piece of meat. Although, as a side note, the game of topless ping-pong between the two was a nice touch.

I fear, however, his button-downed life might be a tad boring for her, not to mention he’s 18-years longer in the tooth than Hannah. Not sure if Patrick Wilson is going to appear in any more episodes, but I got the feeling he’ll be back.

Oh, and the other girls? Not only did Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna have the week off, the only three names in the final credits were Lena Dunham, Alex Karpovsky, and Patrick Wilson. Honestly, this was a fantastic episode. If you’re reading this, Ms. Dunham, please make more just like this one.

Rating Banner 5Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner