Girls “Together” Review

Girls "Together"

Is it really the end of the sophomore season of Girls? Sadly, it is. However, we know they’ll be back for a third season, so it’s not the worst news in the world. And to top it all off, it was an excellent episode

When we last left Girls, Hannah was busy rupturing her ear drums with Q-tips and counting to eight, Marnie was knocking boots with Charlie in his nice corner office, Shosh is busy embracing her inner slut, and Adam was maybe, possibly, having his way with his new girlfriend in such a way that could be construed as, well, aggressive, maybe even rape-ish.

This week kind of picked up right where last week left off. Hannah is stressed over her pending book deal, complete with cash advance. She called her new editor (John Cameron Mitchell) to pitch her zillion different excuses for not making progress, only to find no sympathy whatsoever. In fact, she ran up against the opposite. He was pissed to say the least, reminded her of the advance he paid her, and shared with her that publishers sue writers to get advances back.

In an attempt to manage all her anxiety, her next logical move was to cut her hair, by herself, without the aid of a mirror. Some real quick advice from yours truly: If you’re a woman looking for a new do, avoid the Pete Rose look at all cost. You may think you’re getting a Dorothy Hamill, but you’re not. Trust me, it’s a Pete Rose and should be avoided.

Meanwhile, Shoshanna is finding no pleasure in Ray—sexually or otherwise—and it’s rooted in her inability to remain faithful to him. Ray interprets this, however, as his failure as an adult. That is to say, still wearing a name tag to work even those he’s in his mid-30’s.

In pursuit of happiness and keeping his young, sexy strumpet on his arm, Ray goes to the coffee shop to tell his boss he needs to return to school to finish his Ph.D. in Latin Studies. Of course he’s immediately persuaded from doing that because, well, let’s face it; it’s Latin Studies!

Instead, he’s told a new coffee shop and pizza joint is going to be built in Brooklyn Heights and he can run it from the ground up if he wants. Props to Ray for seeing a good opportunity and jumping at the chance to make the most of it. Hopefully Shosh will feel the same.

Speaking of Shosh, um, she doesn’t feel the same. Upon hearing Ray’s good news she immediately told him that he needs to change, that he needs to go to therapy, and they can love each other at a later date.

Girls "Together"

She what happens when you give up the goodies in your early 20’s to a guy in his mid-30’s who’d like to settle down? All of a sudden every other guy on the planet looks inviting and the chance for commitment with the first guy is somewhere between zilch and zero.

Adam, meanwhile, is busy taking instructions from his new girlfriend on how to be less aggressive in bed. It’s like she doesn’t even know him. Oh, wait, she doesn’t! Adam is the epitome of an aggressive lover, which means his field of potential lovers is narrowed quite a bit. In fact, in his circle it only includes Hannah.

Marnie misreads Charlie and feels like she was the victim of a one-night-stand in his office. Really, he was just waiting for her to tell him—really tell him—how badly she wants to be with him for all the right reasons. In a very touching scene, he tells her that’s all he’s ever wanted to hear from her, and how they can now be together because it’s for all the right reasons.

As great as that scene was, however, the final scene, involving Hannah and Adam, put the perfect wrap on a great second season.

She reaches out to him by way of iPhone video chat and he can instantly tell that she’s falling apart at the seams. Shirtless, sweaty, and out of breath, he keeps her on video chat while he runs from his apartment, takes the subway, and runs up the stairs to her apartment just to be with her.

Honestly, it was a great scene and for any fan of Girls who simply wanted these two nut cases to get back together, it appears your wish came true.

It was an excellent ending to a terrific season, a season in which the writing and acting matured, and a whole host of super-exciting guest stars joined in the fun. If Season Three capitalizes on the mojo between Season One and Season Two, the Girls could become one of HBO’s most successful and important shows. Can’t wait!

Rating Banner 5

[Written by contributor Emiah Gardner. Emiah is the entertainment editor for the Cable TV blog, follow her @EmiahGardner ]