Go Home Dinosaurs Review

Go Home Dinosaurs

Go home, dinosaurs. You’re drunk!

Whenever I’m bored, chances are I will turn to a tower defense game before the latest blockbuster. The genre is so welcoming for those of us who prefer a pick-up-and-play style adventure when we are strapped for time, but still want to get in some good ol’ fashioned video gaming. Unfortunately, it seems that the tread for great tower defense games are bound by the shackles of the iOS platform. I know iOS is where the money is at, but it’s disheartening when I want to play a tower defense game on my TV or computer. A man can only play so many rounds of Plants vs Zombies!

Luckily for us, Fire Hose Games has brought the next big thing in tower defense to Steam. Go Home Dinosaurs is a charming tower defense game that stars a lovable gopher, a delicious supply of steaks, and an endless assortment of dinosaurs.

Go Home Dinosaurs

Go Home Dinosaurs (PC)
Developer: Fire Hose Games
Publisher: Fire Hose Games
Released: March 14, 2013
MSRP: $9.99

The gameplay is what you would expect from a tower defense game. Dinosaurs trot down a fixed path with the intentions of devouring your steaks. You must defend your steaks by placing a variety of defenses in the form of turrets, laser beams, telaporters, ice machines, and bass-dropping DJs. As you could guess, each defense item and the gophers manning them are chock full of personality. They spew one-liners whenever dropped into the game and at various points during the round. While I am a fan of witty gophers (Caddyshack, represent!), their zingers get repetitive after the third time you hear them in a single match.

You’re limited on the amount of defense placements you can have in your hopper at the start of each match, so you must think ahead to compliment your play style as well as the dinosaur menace. There’s plenty of dinosaurs, too! Unlike the tower placements and their gophers, the dinosaurs don’t have a whole lot going for them. They are cute, sure, but far from as entertaining as the gophers. Despite their lack of personality, there is still a variety of them to deal with. They range from slow but strong Triceratops to tiny Zerg-rushing Chompies. Pretty much all the units you’ve come to expect from a tower defense game.

If Go Home Dinosaurs suffers from anything, it would be its lack of innovation and genre-specific repetition. That’s not necessarily its fault, since there’s not much room to build upon the genre at this point, but its hard to recommend Go Home Dinosaurs over some of the other tower defense games out there due to its simplistic nature. A lot of fun can be had with Go Home Dinosaurs, but there’s not much to prevent it from going extinct.

Rating Banner 3-5