PAX East 2013: Guacamelee! Preview and Interview


Guacamelee! is one of those games that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but haven’t actually looked into or managed to play until now. I knew it was by Drinkbox Studios, whose Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack I was fond of. I knew it had to do with luchadores in a crazy mexican world and apparently it was supposed to have some humor in it. My time with the game didn’t prove those assumptions wrong, but I was wrong for not paying more attention to it until now because Guacamelee! looks to adorn the top downloadable games for this console generation list.

Guacamelee! isn’t just an excellent sidescrolling adventure, it is genuinely funny. When you get the wall jump ability, you don’t just get a wall jump, you get a goat jump, because wall jump wasn’t goaty enough (according to the goat shaman that gives you the ability). There are references and jokes every which way you turn and it adds so much personality to an already incredibly charismatic game.


While I enjoyed both Tales from Space games, they weren’t without fault. Guacamelee! stands to be the best playing game Drinkbox has made. They’ve really nailed down a creative vision and carried it through to make a game that borrows so many things from titles we love and mashed them together in a way that feels unique. The throw mechanic alone helps mix up combat and the fact that thrown enemies collide with other enemies and you can stagger whole groups made me anticipate the next encounter. Guacamelee! is releasing soon so get in there and rescue El Presidente’s daughter.

Listen to the interview with Drinkbox’s David Rusak below!