Guncraft Review


Guncraft is yet another game to attempt to piggy-back on Minecraft’s success. Many have tried and most have failed, so can Guncraft set itself apart from the flood of voxel games by adding guns to the world building introduced in Minecraft? Probably not.

As you can tell by the title, Guncraft attempts to be Minecraft with guns. That’s like an eleven-year-old’s wet dream, right? Unfortunately, it lacks the personality and a fraction of the fun that can be had with Mojang’s hit indie title. All levels built are restricted to a small arena-like area to compensate for the FPS game modes you will find yourself playing such as team death match and capture the flag. There’s also some original game modes that are exclusive to Guncraft that are a surprising amount of fun if you can find anyone to play them with. Lava Survival and Meteor Survival are the two game modes that stuck with me the most. Lava Survival is essentially “The Floor is Lava: The Game,” where players must keep moving to high ground as the deadly lava slowly rises up through the blocks. Meteor Survival is death match with falling meteors that barrage the map, leaving gaping and flaming holes in structures across the level. These two game modes are a level addition to the roster of generic, tiresome game modes that are expected from every FPS.


Guncraft (PC)
Developer: Exato Game Studios
Publisher: Exato Game Studios
Released: August 9, 2013
MSRP: $14.99

The tools used to create levels are powerful, but confusing to use and playing levels after creating them makes the entire construction phase feel like a big waste of time. There’s a large number of stock maps to play on if you don’t want to download and play someone else’s creations, but I found some of them to be more poorly constructed than something from the mind of a child. Spawning within the walls of the stock maps is a frequent occurrence you will just have to deal with if you wish to play on them.

Guncraft’s gameplay is incredibly simplistic FPS combat with ugly aesthetics on top of it. The most enjoyment you will have with Guncraft is during the first few minutes when you realize that every single block in the level can be destroyed. On paper, that should lead to some incredible battles that render the playing field even more hazardous than your opponents, but you will quickly realize that this hinders the experience when you find yourself constantly hung up on environmental holes made by other players and then be slaughtered by spray-fire from across the map. All of the playable classes are boring and none feel unique enough to bother experimenting with.


Features like Twitch broadcasting feel out of place, as Guncraft is a game that I can’t see anyone actively wanting to play, let alone watch – although I’m sure it’s a welcome addition for the handful of people who do want to stream the game.

The few good things Guncraft has going for it are easily overshadowed by its overall mediocrity and surprisingly high price tag for a game with so little fun to be had. If you fall into the “I sure wish Minecraft had guns” mindset, I’m sure there’s a gun mod for Minecraft that’s a hundred times more enjoyable than Guncraft. You should download that instead.

Rating Banner 2