How to Remove Chrome Most Visited Websites

How to Remove Chrome Most Visited

If you’re a fellow Google Chrome user like I am, you’ve often found yourself shocked by the frequency you find yourself visiting certain websites thanks to Chrome’s built-in “Most Visited” tab. This tab is fine for quickly launching your favorite websites, but just because you visit it with regularly doesn’t mean it’s something you want quick access to.

Recently I’ve decided to completely ditch Reddit, for several reasons I won’t bore you with. Just when I removed all bookmarks from my computer, the ugly little alien mascot showed its head once more – in the Most Visited tab. I couldn’t stand this, so I took to the Internet to find a solution.

Be it a wild porn site or a social network you’ve decided to cut off ties with completely, it turns out there are a couple ways to go about clearing entries from Chrome’s Most Visited tab.

Erase Google Chrome History

How to Remove Chrome Most Visited

Quick, fast and dirty. If that’s how you like it, this is the option for you. By clearing your history, it completely wipes your footprints off of Chrome’s carpet like your precious website visits never existed. Of course, if you don’t want to erase all of your history just for a single website, skip these steps and look at the other option down below.


  • Preferences
  • Show Advanced Settings
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Check Clear Browsing History
  • Click Clear Browsing Data

Remove A Single Site from Chrome Most Visited

How to Remove Chrome Most Visited
Now why would you want to go and remove us? Asshole.

This is by far the most ideal option if you don’t want to lose all of your history at once. By simply hovering over the thumbnail of the site you want to remove a little gray “X” will appear. Click it and the site is gone!  Easy as cake, I know. If you suddenly realize you’ve made a huge mistake and want the site back, you can click “Undo” within a few seconds after deletion to restore your most visited site.