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Humble Indie Bundle 9 is Live


A few hours ago Humble Indie Bundle 9 went live and includes titles such as Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta, Brutal Legend for $1. If one is to pay more than the average amount, which is currently $4.59, FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ will also be available! Trine 2, Brutal Legend, FTL and FEZ also come with digital soundtracks and Trine 2 comes with a digital artbook. More games are to be unlocked as the bundle comes to the end of its 14 day lifecycle and will be available to those who pay the above-average fee, so if you buy it now for more than $4.59 the unlocked games will also be added to your library as they are revealed. Don’t miss out on yet another insane humble bundle deal!

If even $1 is too much for you to get the standard bundle we have a code for Mark of the Ninja to give away! Like us on Facebook and leave a comment on the article post to be entered in the competition where the winner will be selected at random!

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  • Nagihiko

    Unfortunately I have no FB account, but I’ll leave a comment just the same and say that this bundle looks like a really good one, especially with all of those games for less than five dollars!~