IG Maker Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the two winners of our IG Maker giveaway. The two walking away with a copy of Enterbrain’s IG Maker for their game ideas are Frank Falcone and Tehadam! Not only are both ideas unique, but they are also entirely possible to create in IG Maker. Let’s take a look at the comments that won them a copy of IG Maker.

“I want to make a completely technology themed RPG. The story would follow an unsocial nerd who accidentally uploads a game online stores that turns out to be a virus. The virus possesses the people’s cell phones and computers, causing them to totally ignore part 15 of the FCC rules for electronics and attack their users. Cases of nausea, headaches, and electrical shock are reported worldwide because of the virus. Computers are rendered useless, as anything that connects to a wireless network is affected. The nerd takes it upon himself to hunt down the location of the server hosting his virus, and manually delete his infamous creation and save modern technology as we know it.

Everything from the melee weapons to throwing weapons to creature summons during battle would make reference to or outright be a piece of older, outdated technology. Imagine, if you will, getting into a battle and using a 3.5″ floppy as a throwing star. Enemies would range from internet trolls to forum admins to possessed, current-day technology.

This would include a party system, as a single-person RPG would be rather boring to play. Imagine the layout of popular RPGs in the past, four people to a party. I’d do my best to include every reference imaginable, from the NES era forward.” – Frank Falcone

I want to make a game where you play as a bard. As this bard you are a nomad in nature, traveling the land in search of fame and fortune. The game will be an action RPG such as the legend of zelda series, however it will possess a good story line involving a missing king, menacing naked mole rat people, a creeping void that seeks to devour all of the land, and an ancient plague that turns people into Sonic monstrosities. However this game focuses on the use of music to defeat your enemies, the bard starts out with 3 instruments, a lute, a flute and a harp. Using these instruments will you gather others to fulfill the quests laid before you and to save the land from great evils. There are no traditional weapons such as the sword or bow, only your wits, tune, and courage will you be able to succeed. – Tehadam

Thanks for entering and I hope you two enjoy your copy of IG Maker!