IG Maker Giveaway

The lovely folks over at Enterbrain sent us two codes to giveaway for IG Maker! Enterbrain is renowned in the indie RPG community for their hit RPG making software, RPG Maker. IG Maker expands on the what makes their RPG software such a hit. You can create 2D shooters, action RPGs, and platformers! It takes all the stressful coding out of creating a full-blown indie game from scratch! In short, IG Maker is the perfect solution for an inspiring indie game developer! More information about IG Maker can be read here.

If you could create any game, what would it be?

How to Enter/Contest Rules:

  • Comment down below with your perfect idea for an indie game.
  • We will read through all entries and judge them based on originality and creativity.
  • If we think your idea is worth being realized, we will deem two lucky dreamers codes to IG Maker.
  • Only site comment entries will be accepted. That means no email, Twitter, or Facebook entries.
  • No blatant copying or use of copyrighted characters or video games. (Mario collecting rings.)
  • Results will be announced next Wednesday.
  • ThrowTheGnome

    I want to create a game where you play as an MMO gamer. You control them through both in game with action sequences and in the real world with decision making and dialog. it would have resource management aspects where you have to choose between putting more emphasis on your real life or your game life and there will be consequences to either decision. It would be about the struggle to balance your gamer life with your real life.

  • Tehadam

    I want to make a game where you play as a bard. As this bard you are a nomad in nature, traveling the land in search of fame and fortune. The game will be an action RPG such as the legend of zelda series, however it will possess a good story line involving a missing king, menacing naked mole rat people, a creeping void that seeks to devour all of the land, and an ancient plague that turns people into Sonic monstrosities. However this game focuses on the use of music to defeat your enemies, the bard starts out with 3 instruments, a lute, a flute and a harp. Using these instruments will you gather others to fulfill the quests laid before you and to save the land from great evils. There are no traditional weapons such as the sword or bow, only your wits, tune, and courage will you be able to succeed.

  • I want to make a sci-fi Action RPG, set about 300 years in the future. You play as a a new cadet who rises through the ranks of the Earth Colonial Militia in a time of great colonial strife. The player can choose to either support the Empire of Terra, or fight for colonial independence. Both sides have their pros and cons, both in powers and technology unlocked, and in the outcome of the story. I’ll try my best to make both sides worth supporting, morally and gameplay-wise.

  • Jason Mewes

    I would make a video game that didn’t suck like the ones currently submitted in this comment thread. A video game with boobies!

  • Femnazi

    A Domo RPG.

  • I want to make an RPG where everything from the moves, to the weapons, to the enemies, to the summons in the game are based around current and old technology. The story is, a stay-at-home nerd creates a game that he has disguised as a virus meant to affect phones worldwide, in spite of not being able to afford the newest, most popular phones available. What he doesn’t realize is that, soon enough, the virus has spread to not only phones, but anything that connections to a wifi connection. This affects computers and nearly all of modern technology, causing them to electrocute people. Usage of modern technology comes to a halt. The nerd takes it upon himself to travel to the location of the server where his game is being hosted, and end the problem himself.

    The game would feature references and nods to the past forty years of technology. Everything from arcade games to home consoles to the first home computers to peripherals for all of the above would be included in one way or another. It would also be entirely humorous, not taking itself seriously at all as well as poking fun at the usual RPG tropes.

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  • Mysterie

    No offense but all of your ideas suck. Wtf are these? Do you really sit down and go… omfg…. best game ever!! A GAME!!!…. Based on electronics!! Woohoo!! I choose you USB Printer and Coleco! OH NOOO!!! Its the Linksys router! We’re doooooomeed!!! Good thing we have the chosen nomadic bard to sing his nature songs to save us all from destruction and chaos!! Now we’re saved and 300 years from now we’ll be making the exact same soldier and gun style cliches! Yay for the future cadets! Now we will never have to worry about being electrocuted by technology! And this virus sending nerd feed him to Domo!! ~To be Continued~

    If IG Maker allowed me the options to do what I want to do with a game and I can learn the steps along the way to put together the never ending ideas tumbling around in my head I would make a game that would blow people’s minds in story line, character development, quests, customizations, ORIGINALITY, REPLAY VALUE and so on, I would pay my respects to the older games as well as bringing in ideas people have yet to see before.

    Then on a side project I would take all these Crayola drawn game concepts that have been put up and combine them into one epic game.

    The End.

    Pick Me,


    PS: Domo RPG made me grin….

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