Ikaruga’s Upcoming Steam Release Brings Duel-Play Mode


As if it wasn’t crazy enough with the large quantity of bullets on the screen, the Steam version of the classic sh’mup, Ikaruga, allows you to pilot two ships with the same controller–giving the hardcore something even more challenging to master.

For those of you not familiar with Treasure’s masterpiece, allow me to give you a primer. Ikaruga is a vertical shooter with a twist. Your ship can switch color from black or white and absorb bullets of the corresponding color. Like similar games in the genre, the screen is constantly riddled with bullets, so the trick is to learn the bullet patterns and master the best way to get through them.

IkarugaIkaruga will fly onto Steam on February 18th. Treasure has mentioned that they are planning some original games for PC, so keep an eye out for those.

[Written by Contributor Sam Howitt]