In the Lab with Spearhead Games’ Simon Darveau

tiny brains

It’s good to know that some developers still support local co-op and Tiny Brains is an excellent example of putting it to good use. The game has four rodent characters, each with their own special genetically-mutated, physics-based power, and all four will need to cooperate to complete the various puzzles and challenges found in the game. One has a force pull, the other a force push. One can switch places with an object and the last has the ability to create physical blocks that can be used for climbing or protection.

It’s pretty obvious that a game with varying character abilities works well in co-op, but the puzzle-based nature of the game is what makes it really work. The three people I was set up to play with, I suddenly found to be new comrades in our epic quest to escape the science lab the game is set in. Drop-in, drop-out co-op is available, and in the case not all four players are present, the others will be able to switch between the characters not being used. Tiny Brains could very well end up being the next Portal-style indie darling, so keep an eye out for it later this year!