Indie-Noir-Comedy Game ‘Jazzpunk’ Given February Release Date


Necrophone Games has announced a release date of February 7 for their upcoming PC game Jazzpunk. The game takes place “in an alternate-reality Cold War World [plagued] with Corporate Espionage, CyberCrime™, and Sentient Martinis.” Yes, this game is going to be rather silly.

The developers took cues from screwball comedies like The Naked Gun and Airplane! when making their game. Personally, I’m also picking up on some Get Smart vibes from the trailers. As such, you can probably expect little to no shooting. Instead, look forward to using wacky gadgets to re-enact moments from your favorite spy shows and movies.

In terms of aesthetics, it looks very similar to Gravity Bone and last year’s The Stanley Parable. First-person narrative adventures seem to be the hip new thing—and I think that’s great! Developers are constantly changing perceptions of what a game can be. The medium is constantly evolving thanks to projects like this.

A DRM-free copy can be preordered from the developer’s website for $15. It will support PC, Mac, and Linux on its February 7 release date.