Josh’s Top 10 Comics of 2012

Josh Blingee

Hey it’s David’s video guy giving you some of his top 10 comics of the year. You probably also notice something off with my top list, you’re right.  I hate picking one comic among all the great ones that came out last year. All of these comics are amazing their own ways and I suggest you pick up any of them from your local comic book store.



One of the biggest surprises of the year is a book that follows a neglected Avenger. Hawkeye focuses on what Clint Barton does on his off time from being an avenger. The art from David Aja along with Matt Fraction’s writing combine to form an awesome serialized story about a guy with a bow.



A tough contender for Geeknstein’s comic of the year is the book written by Y: The Last Man creator Brian K Vaughan.  This space opera is an awesome world building experience, especially with the art of Fiona Staples. I can’t wait for what the next year has for this comic.


Swamp Thing

Since the induction of the New 52 I was excited to read Swamp Thing. The ride of Holland’s war against The Rot has been awesome. The crossover with Animal Man as well has made this one of my tops of the year.

Animal Man_08_02

Animal Man

I pick this one up after the initial crossover with Swamp Thing and haven’t looked back since. The stories involving Buddy and his families relation in The Red has hit home for me. Their own struggle with The Rot has become one of my favorite comics of the year.



After reading “Court of the Owls,” I believed that Scott Snyder didn’t having anywhere else to go with Gotham and its caped crusader. I was wrong. The writing and art of Batman, as well as the breaking and reformation of the Batman universe, has been amazing to say the least.


Moon Knight

A comic that ended way too early. While he isn’t a top tier character, it was an interesting book to say the least. The 2011-12 Moon Knight run was about a crazy man being a super hero. The multiple superhero personalities added to the madness of that pushed me into discovering more about the character.



Robert Kirkman has written a bunch of comics including The Walking Dead. While I have passed on The Walking Dead series as a whole, Invincible is so much better. The series has transcended superhero books while also playing homage to past heroes.  While of a soap opera more than anything, it still compels me to read it every month.



I really don’t want to talk too much about Chew because its plot is amazing to the point that made me thing about what food really means to me. The art completely makes the crazy world with a murdering rooster a reality.


Avengers Arena

I’ve read The Hunger Games and I’ve watched Battle Royal. When I saw this at my comic store I felt the influences from both. People died in this book. It was amazing. It was really amazing that I didn’t care for any of these characters at all. It’s going to continue in 2013 and I can’t wait to see who dies.


National Comics: Eternity

This one-shot written by Jeff Lemire about a boy who has the power to solve murders after the victim has died. The interesting part is that the main character doesn’t want to use his power, but he has too or these restless spirits won’t leave him alone. Even though it’s a one shot it’s still an awesome read.

This is a personal top 10 list and the entries and their rankings do not necessarily reflect the opinion of, but of the author publishing it. Feel free to send in your own top 10 list to

So what were your favorite comics of the year? Are you like me, or do you prefer more capes and cowls  Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!