Josh’s Top 10 Games of 2013


So 2013 has come to a close. A year that I didn’t play many of the new games mostly due to trying to graduate and being a poor individual. I mostly played games that were rogue-likes this year along with my first time playing some of the 3DS games I’ve missed over the years. This was the year of the PC for me. I traded in my xbox for a 2DS and a wired Xbox Controller. Yeah things have changed.

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10 Spelunky

Our Editor-in-Chief said it couldn’t be done, but this is my list. I have a first amendment right given to me by Phil Robertson to put a game from 2012 on my list. This year Derek Yu and company with the help of Blitworks released PS3, Vita, and a Steam version of Spelunky.  The game continues to test my patience, while teaching me simple yet complex mechanics. The rules are simple, don’t die. This year I finally made it to the jungle after months of losing myself to the mines. Also, don’t play with friends, especially your asshole friends.

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9 Kentucky Route Zero

I’m a huge fan of Twin Peaks, mostly due to it just being a weird show. Also, pie. I really love pie. Kentucky Route Zero is an experience that I’m so grateful I pulled the trigger on earlier this year. The entire game has an amazing art style that that blends with the unique story telling. It’s one of the few adventure games that I’ve actually enjoyed in years.

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8 the last of us

I’ve only played the first uncharted, so I haven’t experienced much of their recent work. The Last of Us developed a world that was really close to real life. It was a story that brought us to a world that isn’t the prettiest. It is dark, depressing and caused me to play the game in short burst. The Last of Us combined really solid mechanics and a great story to make a really amazing game.

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7 dota 2

So I started playing DOTA 2 this year. I knew nothing about the game. The only thing I knew is that the community was made up of a bunch of horrible people who would call you a bunch of names that would get you kicked off your show on A&E. As the months went on I was taught the basics from what each character can do, to skills, and, most important, how to not ruin everyone else’s time. I think I keep playing because I just enjoy doing something competitive every so often. Also, all of the characters are unlocked from the beginning so there’s nothing to lose but your time. Oh, and your patience. You’re going to lose that.line center

6 DiveKick

A two button game that was a joke, but soon took my heart. Divekick was another game this year that I wanted to get good at. I wanted to learn mind games and just destroy people.  It was weird because Divekick was the only fighting game I played this year that I actually stuck with. Sorry, Skullgirls.

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5 Ridiculous Fishing

The mobile gaming space has become a horrible place to be. A flood of knock-offs and bad filtering of content has made it impossible to find anything worth playing. That’s why Ridiculous Fishing makes my list. The game doesn’t have in app purchases or any Facebook connect. It’s a pure game with a simple mechanic of seeing how far down the fishing hole can you go. It’s an amazing little game that should be played at least once.

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4 Samurai Gunn

This game sneakily came out this after some buzz. While only having local multiplayer the game is a great reminder of something we’ve lost as the years of gaming have gone on. The feelings of local multiplayer, hearing the person next to you make that unfamiliar noise when you get a surprise kill or forgot to deflect a bullet. It’s great and that’s why Samurai Gunn makes this list.

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3 gunpoint

A game developed by one man on his free time. Gunpoint was a short game that took a mechanic of jumping really high to get data and ran away with it.  The game was a puzzle game at its core, but with a combination of humor and multiple angles of completion it becomes something more. Also, you can jump through a window grab a guy and jump out another window to his death. Good times.

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2 Phoenix Wright - Duel DestiniesThe Phoenix Wright series has been with me for what feel like years now. It was there when I got really depressed. It was around when I was on top of the world. Now that I’m graduating college it’s here once again. The game benefits from the loss of sprites as well as the addition of anime cut-scenes. The game keeps the weird charm from previous game while also dealing with weird murders.

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1 risk of rain

I only heard about this game from Ben Crocker of Hapa Games during our interview sessions. Risk of Rain gets harder the more time you put into the game. I’ve only seen the third level of the game and I’m still being a masochist in order to unlock more characters. The times are tough but payoff is great