Justice League 15 Review

Justice League 15 review geekenstein

I’ve been disappointed with Justice League for a while now. The first arc was just some fun superhero action with the team getting together to fight a big enemy. It was a basic story but it was still fun for an opening arc. The Villain’s Journey arc failed to deliver and the Cheetah arc just seemed like filler. Fortunately, Throne of Atlantis seems to have returned to the fun action of the first arc but with a good story underneath.

This issue is the first part of the Justice League/Aquaman crossover, Throne of Atlantis. It is also Ivan Reis’s first issue pencilling The New 52 Justice League and his art really brings a lot to the series, especially the scenes with Metropolis flooding and the Batman part at the beginning of this issue. I hope that Reis continues as the artist on Justice League but I am disappointed he’s not on Aquaman anymore. He’s great at showing the emotion needed for this story but also the amazing action set pieces of cities being flooded by Atlanteans. I really loved the splash page of Superman and Wonder Woman changing into their costumes and the spread of the ship coming into Metropolis on the tidal wave looked amazing and beautiful.

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There was also some more development on the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman that was introduced in issue 12 and I really liked how surprised Diana was that the glasses actually hid her identity from the public because I’ve always thought that was a very stupid part of Superman. It was also cool to hear Superman’s explanation of why he thinks it works. I’m beginning to like this relationship because it feels very natural for the two outsiders too become close to each other.

The Throne of Atlantis story is set up well with this issue and as Cyborg mentions to Batman, there seems to be more than just coincidence going on with some of the events that led to the Atlantean’s attack on the surface. The Shazam backup was good but I’m just waiting to see him finally join the team. I think that won’t happen until after the current story.

With the beginning of the new crossover arc Justice League seems to have returned to what made me like the series in the first place, great and fun superhero action with a good story and I hope that Geoff Johns can keep the series going at this quality. With the addition of Reis’s fantastic art I can see Justice League becoming one of DC’s best books again.

Rating Banner 4-5


[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

Justice League 15 Cover


Written by GEOFF JOHNS

Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

Backup story art by GARY FRANK

Variant cover by BILLY TUCCI