Kill la Kill Episode 1-7 Review

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If you’re an anime fan and you haven’t heard of Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill at this point, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m by no means saying you need to rush out and watch it, unless you’re in to over-the-top action and (mostly) mindless reasoning for fighting. Kill la Kill certainly has earned its pre-premiere reputation, and so far, it’s been one of the strongest contenders for ‘best action series’ currently airing. And although it’s ‘mostly mindless’ for the first half of this cour, by the end, you start seeing some real development and character growth that shows that Kill la Kill has more under the surface than pretty colors and action.

If you enjoyed director Hiroyuki Imaishi’s previous work Gurren Lagann, you hardly need my persuasion to check out Kill la Kill. But if you need another motivation, it’s written by Oh! Edo Rocket’s Kazuki Nakashima and so far it’s been a typical fighting series with some bits of heart and humanization sprinkled in. Given that it’s from the same Gurren Lagann team however, you can expect some major plot developments to be happening soon involving all of the characters. Someone will likely die very soon, and my money’s on Maka.


Naturally Kill la Kill is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and it’s as zany, bizarre, and stupid (in the best way) possible in proclaiming that. Majority of the action takes place in Honnouji Academy as Kyuko Matoi is the new transfer student and is quickly learning the hierarchy found within. Armed with the half of a scissor blade and mission to find who killed her father, Kyuko aims to work her way up the ranks of the school and battle the school president Satsuki Kiryuin. Mako Mankanshoku is Ryuko’s classmate and the two soon become housemates and friends essentially her teacher to explain the goings-on at Honnouji Academy. It isn’t long before Ryuko is battling her way up the pecking order on her way to the Elite Four, but it’s not without its falters either. She’s not immediately going to trump everyone, and he actually faces a ton of experience and devastation on her way. Luckily she has Senketsu who’s there to help her out and is a sailor suit designed to absorb life fibers from the other outfits found at Honnouji. (Jesus Christ, just re-reading that last sentence reminds me why people never give anime a chance!)

Yes, the show is that crazy, and I was never a fan of Gurren Laggan, though I did appreciate what it was trying to do and I understand why a ton of people like it. Kill la Kill has a listed 25-episode run, so we’ll be seeing it for the next two cours. It will be very interesting to see if it can maintain its momentum for eighteen more episodes, but if there’s one company that has the record to ensure it can, it’s Trigger. You can find it streaming every Thursday at Crunchyroll, and be sure to stick to Geekenstein for more anime reviews and talk soon!

Rating Banner 4