In The Lab: Ascent

Welcome to In The Lab, Geekenstein’s livestreaming show where we check out the upcoming and recently released games to see if they’re worth your time and money. Even ten years after the release of World of Warcraft, MMOs are still going strong, with free-to-play seeming to be the only factor that can compete with Blizzard’s giant. Alex and David check out Ascent: The Space Game, a seemingly more approachable EVE Online. Before flying into the sun, they find themselves playing the economic trade market while the delightfully British A.I. instructs.

Fluffy Kitten Studios presents Ascent: The Space Game, an indie MMO where you choose the path of the soldier or the path of the merchant to make your way in the galaxy. We chose the path of the merchant and started off playing the various planetary system’s markets against each other to build personal fortune. Eventually players unlock the ability to build cities and manage their infrastructure. Or you can blow shit up, whatever floats your starship.