In The Lab | Clandestine

Welcome to Geekenstein’s In The Lab, the show where we examine the upcoming, latest, and just interesting games to see if they’re worth your time and money. Alex may not care for stealth games, but David brings a new twist on the formula to the Geekenstein Labs. Will Clandestine‘s asymmetrical co-op provide an experience Alex will enjoy or will David need to find another partner for some bitchin spy missions?

Clandestine is the latest game from Danish indie developer Logic Artists and has been released on Steam Early Access. In Clandestine you pare spy team in the 90s and play as either a hacker or agent. As an agent you carry out the objectives set forth on the map, but as the hacker you are offsite, hacking cameras, doors, and more to provide support and assistance to the agent. Each option offers completely different gameplay styles and abilities, which will you pick? Currently the Early Access build has five maps with three different modes available to play either single player or co-op with many more coming along with a complete campaign.