In The Lab: Crawl

Welcome to In The Lab, Geekenstein’s livestreaming show where we check out the latest and upcoming games to see if they’re worth your time and money. After waiting for the right time to finally play it on In The Lab, David and Alex take advantage of the newly introduced A.I. to battle through the dungeons of Crawl. Too bad that A.I. is really well made and thoroughly kicks their asses!

Capitalizing on the resurgence of local multiplayer games, Powerhoof’s Crawl is a beautiful blend of cooperative and competitive multiplayer. One play gets to be the human and battle their way to level 10 so they can take on the boss. Meanwhile the other 3 players have to work together to summon playable monsters and possess traps to take out the human. Whoever lands that final blow regains their humanity and becomes the next target. It’s anyone’s game!