In The Lab: Heavy Bullets

Welcome to In The Lab, Geekenstein’s livestreaming show where we check out the upcoming and recently released games to see if they’re worth your time and money. Roguelikes are all the rage in this indie-capable era and we’re checking out yet another one. David and Alex aren’t sick of them yet, are you? They enter the visually trippy world of Heavy Bullets to avoid snakeworms and their dastardly poison while saving up for that gold potion.

Made by Terri Vellmann and published by Devolver Digital, Heavy Bullets sends you down into the machine to fix a problem, unfortunately for you, the neon drenched levels you have to get through first are filled with deadly turrets, snakeworms and other creatures just begging to put you down. You have your trusty revolver, but watch those bullets or all the money in the world won’t save you from the denizens of this place.