In The Lab: Minimum – final release

Welcome to Geekenstein’s In The Lab, our livestreaming show where we check out the upcoming and latest games to see if they’re worth your time and money. We’ve checked out Minimum before, but now it has released as a full retail product, shedding aside the moniker of Early Access. Well, we liked it before, so David and Alex jump back in to see what final release means for Minimum.

Minimum is a multiplayer shooter originally created by TimeGate, developers of the interesting Section 8 series and partially responsible for the abysmal Aliens: Colonial Marines. When TimeGate closed, Human Head Studios, developers of Prey (and apparently Arkham Origins Wii U as this is the only nonmobile game they’ve actually released since Prey), with Atari acting as publisher stepped in to see this game to completion. If you can call this completion.