In The Lab: Screencheat

Welcome to Geekenstein’s In The Lab, the show where we check out the latest, upcoming and just plain interesting games to see if they’re worth your time and money. This time David is joined by Eric Elzy, now of EA, to check out the next local multiplayer game Screecheat. Will those cheap Golden Eye skills come back or will screencheating prove to be too difficult? We apologize for the unexpected end of the video, we had a software malfunction and will return to Screencheat in the near future.

Screencheat is the latest game from Surprise Attack Games, developers of Vertiginous Golf, and forces you to commit the greatest old school shooter sin of all time and look at your opponent’s screens. Everyone is invisible, so the only way to determine where the enemies are is through looking at their split screen and using environmental clues to blast, skewer, roast and explode all who oppose you.