Last Resort “Another Fine Navy Day” Review

the title screen for ABC's the Last Resort
This review contains spoilers for Last Resort

Last Resort is back after a week off, seemingly for the elections, even though it’s broadcast on Thursdays and the presidency was decided on Tuesday (well, except by Florida, because we don’t know how to count). “Skeleton Crew” was the best episode of the series so far, so following it was going to be tricky. “Another Fine Navy Day” decided to use a nonlinear structure to weave a tale of hallucinogens and betrayal. This is also our first episode without segments back in America and it almost entirely focuses on Kendal.

As soon as the episode starts, we are greeted with a very weary looking Kendal stumbling through the jungle. He turns and half his face is covered in smeared blood and the ominous “Three hours after the Chemical Attack” appears on screen. I have no idea why ‘chemical’ is in red, it doesn’t really add to the severity of the situation and, quite frankly, it made me think there was a chemical weapon attack, not drugs in the water supply. It also didn’t help that there were bodies, well people, everywhere passed out and looking quite dead.

The episode is spent flashing back and forth from before the attack to various points after it. Chaplin and Grace take the Colorado into the water and Prosser identifies the drug, since he volunteered as a guinea pig for it back when they were testing it out years ago. The drug puts everyone on edge and causes hallucinations. Kendal sees his wife, first telling him she’s leaving him, and then guiding him to what he needs to do. Chaplin sees his dead son as a young boy running through the sub. The sequences were effective, but I really dislike Jessy Schram who plays Christine Kendal. She just delivers all of her lines so mundanely. It’s like she has a special voice for when she acts, it just feels unnatural.

The whole reason Serrat, who’s been a complete ass so far and really should have been killed at this point, even let soldiers drug the water was because he was assured he would get his island back. It really shows that Serrat thinks he’s this brilliant criminal mastermind, but he isn’t. When the soldiers say they’re going to kill Sophie, he breaks down like a child. I’m not sure why he thought the soldiers who were drugging everyone and planning on murdering their friends would keep their word.

As I said last week, I wondered just how long until they really got into the SEALs’ story and that was the entire point this week. The island was drugged to get at the SEALs and now two of the four have been killed. It’s only James and his wounded friend left and the crew of the Colorado want answers. I enjoyed this episode and how it progressed the plot, but I felt that the nonlinear nature of it was obtrusive. It didn’t seem to serve the plot, instead just there because it’s a cool thing that cool directors do. At least the episode itself was still good.