Last Resort “Captain” Review

the title screen for ABC's the Last Resort

I may still be incredibly late to the show on The Shield, but I absolutely loved Shawn Ryan’s short lived FX show Terriers. The premise of his new show, Last Resort, certainly piqued my interest. A nuclear sub refuses to fire on an innocent target and as a result is on the run from the United States government and establishes a sovereign nation on a small island. It’s certainly a mouthful and that barely scratches the surface of what’s going on within this show.

We’re talking Lost level of character interactions, and I mean the last few season of Lost where it’s not just all on the island. We have what is happening on the submarine to start us off, the island, which has an interesting cast of characters before it’s taken over by the crew of the USS Colorado, the wife of the second in command and the Rear Admiral father of the Colorado’s navigator back in the United States, and the representative of the company with the experimental technology aboard the Colorado who wants to know what the hell that is happening to her tech.

USS Colorada with Robert Patrick
Yes, Robert Patrick, aka the T-1000, is on this show

After briefly introducing us to the crew of the USS Colorado and the squad of Navy Seals the rescue from the ocean, they are interrupted by a confirmed nuclear fire order on Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin asks for confirmation of the orders, as they came through a secondary channel that is meant to be used if DC is destroyed. The voice on the call demotes him, though his second-in-command and now acting captain also requests proper confirmation. The sub is then fired upon by the US government and they take emergency evasive action before coming across the small island of Sainte Marina.

The United States, or what seems to be some faction within the government, uses the attack on the Colorado as justification to use nuclear weapons against Pakistan. Captain Chaplin seizes the NATO earlywatch station on the island, which prompts the US to send bombers to obliterate the island. Chaplin launches one of the Colorado’s nuclear missiles at DC so they will call of the bombers, giving them a specific time frame. When they don’t, Chaplin and his XO Sam Kendal prepare to detonate the missile early and accept their fate. DC does call off the bombers and to prove a point Chaplin detonates the missile off DC’s coast.

the NATO station on Sainte Marina
Captain Chaplin and XO Kendal after they seize the NATO station

“Captain” ends with Chaplin announcing to the world that he will use the remaining nuclear missiles on board the Colorado against any nation that attacks Sainte Marina. The criminal element on the island kidnaps several soldiers in retaliation for their presence. The final shot has Chaplin telling Kendal that maybe Sainte Marina is their new home. Everything seems to indicate that this first season will be packed to the brim with tense political standoffs. Chaplin’s last statement seemed to indicate that he may be at odds with the crew in the future and we will hopefully see some interesting action between the crew and the criminals on the island.

Ryan handles the plot flow and character development like the pro he is. I was never lost nor did I feel that any specific aspect of the plot covered in the pilot was underrepresented. I figured Last Resort would be an interesting show to look at, I had no idea that “Captain” would pull me in so fiercely and let Last Resort become the show I’m most excited for. I cannot recommend Last Resort enough, I hope it continues this level throughout the season.

  • Every preview I’ve seen of this show made me think two things; Not for me and canceled. I hope I’m wrong about the second one though because unless I totally hate a show I don’t wish for its swift demise.

  • EZE

    I always think the captain will say Allstate You’re In Good Hands

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