Last Resort “Skeleton Crew” Review

the title screen for ABC's the Last Resort
This review contains spoilers for Last Resort

Last Resort has had a consistent quality run so far. I don’t find myself hotly anticipating each new episode, but I haven’t missed one either. I’ve grown complacent knowing that each Thursday I’ll get another great episode, but I’m not getting that yearn. “Skeleton Crew” looks to change that, bringing Secretary of Defense Curry to Sainte Marina to ‘negotiate’ the return of the Colorado and the arrest of Chaplin and Kendal.

The NATO listening station also loses a section of their monitors around the island due to battery failure. Grace approaches James to find the SEAL best served for the 300 foot dive to replace the battery and he volunteers. Grace is put in charge of the Colorado to replace the battery while Chaplin and Kendal meet with Curry. Rear Admiral Sheppard, Grace’s father, is with Curry to hopefully persuade Chaplin to give up.

The negotiation between Chaplin and Curry is a perfect example of just how tense and thrilling a discussion can be. Curry wants the Colorado back and Chaplin wants a public trial for his insubordination, but Curry won’t give Chaplin a trial. Chaplin bluffs, telling Curry he has proof of why the U.S. nuked Pakistan from the Navy SEALs the Colorado picked up. After Grace brought it up, I was curious what would develop with that plot line. I’m incredibly curious to find out what happened, but at least some characters now share that, so hopefully we will find out soon.

Rear Admiral Sheppard and his kill in Last Resort "Skeleton Crew"
She didn’t last long

Grace’s mission wasn’t as interesting, but equally important. While James is out changing the battery, several U.S. subs notice the Colorado and bear down. Grace has to think her way out while Prosser is berating her. Her part of the episode had the potential death of James and her gaining the respect of Prosser, both of which would usually be handled in a cheesy or cliched way on any other show, but Last Resort pulled it off with ease.

Kendal shows his true colors, picking returning to his wife and keeping Grace safe in exchange for the Colorado, but once Curry and White House Advisor Straugh get word that the Illinois has a firing solution of the Colorado, Straugh retracts the offer and attempts to give the firing order. Admiral Sheppard kills Straugh and shoots Curry in the leg before she can and by the time Curry recovers, Grace has removed the Colorado from the line of sight and threatens the country if the perimeter is not restored.

Every aspect of this episode was firing on all cylinders. When Sheppard fired that pistol I couldn’t help but shout out. It took me by complete surprise. Even Christine Kendal’s part was good this episode. She was starting to get on my nerves, but when she revealed to Kylie that she knows the lawyer is a government agent sent to turn her on Kendal I was, again, surprised. I wasn’t giving the characters enough credit.

“Skeleton Crew” is by far the strongest episode so far. I haven’t been able to predict what will happen in Last Resort, but I’ve never been so surprised by it either. It’s as I’ve said before, the show answers questions I didn’t know I need answered and this time it answered my complacency with it. Captain Chaplin flipped the table in the episode and of my expectations, the bar has been raised, can next week’s episode live up to it?