Last Resort “Voluntold” Review

the title screen for ABC's the Last Resort
This review contains spoilers for Last Resort

I was watching this season’s finale of Project Runway (shut up) and the judges said something to a contestant that really made me think of Last Resort. They said that excellent fashion designers know what the market wants to wear before they even realize they want to wear it. “Voluntold” answered nagging doubts I didn’t even realize I had and furthered the plot in a completely organic and logical way that still surprised me. It’s the same reason I love Breaking Bad and the mark of a truly excellent writer.

The U.S. Government has announced that they will be charging Chaplin and Kendal with treason and it only sends further ripples through the crew of the Colorado. Too many people think that Chaplin is unfit and they simply want to go home. “Voluntold” really digs into what is going through the crew’s minds as they find themselves on an island where three of them were captured by a criminal and one killed, while they’re ostracised from the U.S. and hunted. Just because the COB is on their side doesn’t mean the crew is.

James’s subplot actually gets into the real meat of the conspiracy behind the attack on Pakistan. Grace asks him what exactly the SEALs were doing that they had to bug out and have the Colorado pick them, as it’s all too coincidental that right after is when they received and refused the nuclear strike order. James refuses to give her a concrete answer, but their conversation seeded the truth to reveal itself in a future episode.

Last Resort Voluntold screencap

He also has to deal with the skeletons in his closet, or in this case, the body in Tani’s refrigerator. His squadmates inform him that they have secured a boat to take home, all they need is the body. When James refuses, they beat the shit out of him, but ultimately leave him and the body. Whether they left the island or not, I’m not sure, but James stayed. Tani also kissed his unconscious lips as she nursed him out of his assbeating.

After almost being killed, Chaplin finds out that there was a kill order issued on him. Dissent is at an all time high. Chaplin, without talking to Kendal, puts up a stay or go list for any crewmembers who would like to leave as soon as it is possible. Almost the entire crew marks their names in the go column. Seaman Brennan, still distraught over the death of Red and feeling incredibly guilty for letting Serrat kill him, holds the Comm hostage with a grenade.

Chaplin defuses the situation after Brennan calls the Secretary of Defense and his orders are to kill himself and take the entire sub with him. Almost the entire crew then switches their names into the stay column, except for the engineer responsible for the engines, since he’s too important. The malice carried in his voice is a clear indication that this internal conflict isn’t over yet.

“Voluntold” was another absolutely fantastic episode of Last Resort. It’s almost at the point where I’m not getting incredibly excited for the next episode because there aren’t any surprises with the quality. I ran into the same thing when I watched Breaking Bad, every episode is incredible, so what do I have to look forward to? It’s a good problem to have.