Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage is Glorious | UPDATED

If you have a better memory than I do, you will probably remember that last summer, comic book writer and artist Rob Liefeld mentioned the existence of some test footage for the inevitable (but currently stuck in limbo) Deadpool movie featuring Ryan Reynolds. That video has now hit the Internet and FOX is desperately trying to scrub it away. However, like a cold sore,  Deadpool will keep coming back.

It’s a poor quality video consisting of what appears to be a whole lot of CG, but it features the Merc with a Mouth doing what he does best – being the Merc with a Mouth. Also, there’s Ryan Reynolds speaking Spanish – so complied with the fact FOX is pulling the video left and right, that only adds to its authenticity.

Update: The Deadpool test footage has been officially released, so below you’ll find an HD version that doesn’t look like it was recorded on a potato.