Let’s Play: Killer is Dead part 6 – “tussle with giants”

We’ve made it this far, why stop now? David returns to the insanity incarnate that is Killer is Dead because you can never have too much crazy. Whether it be more hallucinations or having to fight a towering colossus made from space goo, Mondo hacks his way through all of them with ease. Now let’s just keep ignoring the sidekick and maybe she’ll go away forever.

Killer Is Dead is another title from the twisted mind of Suda 51. As Mondo Zappa, you will work for a government contractor tasked with defeating wires, or evil demons that come from the moon. Yes, that moon. You will utilize your sword and the transforming arm cannon Mondo woke up with one day to defeat the wire scourge and gather their precious blood. This game is fucking weird.