Let’s Play: Killer is Dead part 7 – “That’s it, I’m just on drugs”

That’s it, it’s finally happened. There is no more questioning whether or not Killer is Dead is a drug fueled romp through someone’s twisted psyche. If drugs didn’t go into the making of this game, someone may need some help. In this session David finds himself fighting the now sentient “Tommy the Train” who is in no way related to Thomas the Tank Engine, we swear. Yes, we fight trains now.

Killer Is Dead is another title from the twisted mind of Suda 51. As Mondo Zappa, you will work for a government contractor tasked with defeating wires, or evil demons that come from the moon. Yes, that moon. You will utilize your sword and the transforming arm cannon Mondo woke up with one day to defeat the wire scourge and gather their precious blood. This game is fucking weird.