List of all Dead Space 3 Microtransactions

Dead Space 3 Microtransactions

We all knew they were coming, so I’m not too surprised over the microtransactions. I am however surprised at the price of them; there’s nothing “micro” about these transactions. Just check them out for yourself.

  • Bot Capacity Upgrade $4.99
  • Bot Personality Pack $4.99
  • First Contact Pack Free
  • Marauder Pack $4.99
  • Sharpshooter Pack $4.99
  • Tundra Recon Pack $4.99
  • Witness the Truth Pack $4.99
  • Bot Accelerator $4.99
  • Epic Weapon & Resource Pack $2.99
  • Online Pass $9.99
  • Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack $1.99
  • Resource Pack $0.99

Sony may have made a mistake when updating the PlayStation Store with the DLC details, seeing as how the First Contact Pack is listed as “free” among a list of outrageously priced DLC. Excluding the online pass, that’s $65 in additional content announced for a game that isn’t even out yet. I have a tendency to defend DLC like this, but it’s getting harder to when all the DLC costs more than the game itself.