Lonely Gods Episode 16: Season 2 Wrap Up


Well, it’s been a bumpy ride, but we’ve made it all the way through the second season of Doctor Who! Listen as we look back on everything from Planet of Giants to The Time Meddler. The hits, the misses, the thrills, the chills, the spills, the forgotten lines, and of course the GIANT ANTS WITH PEOPLE LEGS.

Kate Reilly

Author: Kate Reilly

Born in the frozen wastes of southern Ontario, Kate has dedicated her life to doing as little actual work as possible. Naturally, when the first seal-blubber modems arrived in Canada in 2010, she decided to dedicate her many talents to being snarky towards television shows on the internet. She currently lives in British Columbia with her boyfriend and a room full of games she'll never finish. You can catch her weekly on Random Assault Podcast.

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