Lonely Gods Episode 31: The War Games


This is it, folks. Finishing off Season 6, The War Games is the 10-part epic swansong for the Second Doctor.

The TARIDS arrives in what appears to be the trenches of World War I, but not all is as it seems. Aliens have plucked human soldiers out of time from wars all throughout history, and here on the aliens’ arena planet they have fought their wars endlessly, still believing they are on Earth. The aliens, with the help of the War Chief, one of the Doctor’s own people, are cultivating an army of the greatest human warriors in history to become the army of their empire.

The timeline has become so badly damaged, the Doctor can’t put everything back together on his own. He summons the only ones with the power to set things right, the very people he’s been running from for so long – the Time Lords. Now, he must pay the price for his own crimes…

We’re gonna miss the hell out of you, Patrick Troughton.