Lonely Gods Episode 33: Spearhead from Space


It’s the 1970s! Still weak and disoriented from the events of The War Games, the newly-regenerated Third Doctor collapses after he and his now-useless TARDIS arrives on Earth.  He is taken to hospital, where it’s quickly discovered he’s not human. Meanwhile, after strange meteorites fall to Earth, the Autons have begun terrorizing the populace.

The Brigadier finds it hard to believe that the Doctor he knew looks like Jon Pertwee now, but the world needs his help. The Doctor, the Brig, and new UNITy-scientist recruit Liz Shaw must work together to combat the plastic menace and stop the plot to replace world leaders with Auton replicas.

It’s a new day for Doctor Who, ladies and gents. We’ve lost the mighty Trout, and we’re stuck on Earth, but we’ve got Pertwee, the Brig, and Ms Shaw to keep us company. We gon’ have fun.