Lonely Gods Episode 40 – The Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors Banner

Hop in our TV TARDIS and come with us on a quick detour back to Season 5. The Ice Warriors is finally on DVD, with its missing episodes animated and the story complete at last.

 Just after defeating the Great Intelligence at a Tibetan monastery, the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria arrive in Earth’s far future for another chilly adventure. Earth is subject to some totally ass-backwards global warming, and is slowly being covered in ice. What’s left of humanity struggles to beat back the glaciers, and things naturally go tits-up when they discover an alien trapped under ice for hundreds of years. The Ice Warrior is taken back to base and accidentally revived, and he’s off on a rampage to free his ship – and its weapons.

 If you were ever curious about the origins of our hissy, heat-averse Martian friends from The Seeds of Death, be curious no more with this episode of Lonely Gods.